Dear contestant,

The subject (brief version for informative purpose) for the TIEplus 2018 edition is available in the PDF file below.

TIEplus 2018 subject download [PDF]

This will allow you to analyze the difficulty of the subject and decide if you want to take on the challenge and proceed with the registration.

The necessary registration steps for contestants are:

> Send an email to with your profile by latest 22nd of March (23:59, UTC+2 time zone); the profile will be based on the following *.docx template, containing basic information about the contestant’s education and relevant professional experience.

> The contestant profile will be analyzed by the technical committee and an approval/denial email response will be sent by 25th of March. In case of participation approval this email will also contain the login information (username, password) to the online platform where all the relevant subject data will be published.

** the uploaded profile information must comply with the contestant profile requirements presented below, otherwise the profile will be automatically rejected.

Contestant profile template

Contestant Profile Requirements

The contestant’s education level and\or professional experience must be within one of the following categories:

– undergraduate student
– master student
– PhD student
– Postdoctoral researcher
* the maximum age of participants is limited to 35 years

By 25th of March all the contestants (with a validated profile) should have received the login information.

Registration is opened until 22th of March (23:59, UTC+2 time zone).

On 25th of March the full set of data required to solve the subject will be published on the online platform. This marks the beginning of the 13 days “subject solving period” which will extend until 11th of April.